Bicycle bell tech innovator Shoka secures funding from Ruvento

SINGAPORE ━ Shoka, a bell that transforms any ordinary bicycle into a smart bike, has received funding from Ruvento, a hardware VC based in Singapore. Through sleek prototyping vetted by industrial design partners, crowdfunding, and extensive support in marketing and public relations, Ruvento will enable Shoka to bring its unique bicycle bell to market. “The […]

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Indonesia – remarkable Asia

Indonesia is now a big significant market. Indonesia’s rising international profile as a large, middle-income country is reflected in the rapid increase in foreign investors’ interest in the country. It plays a prominent international role as a member of the G-20, as a member of ASEAN and an active participant in APEC. Its economic performance […]

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Ruvento will take a big step forward into India’s startup

The world’s second – fastest – growing economy and Asia’s third – largest economy, has a digital economy is on an upswing. India’s venture investors and entrepreneurs have the patience and risk appetite for the next new thing. And now they have a big opportunity for that with GSF Accelerator, in partnership with some 30 […]

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